Building an Attenuator

The active attenuator I purchased was very inexpensive, $8 as a kit or $12 fully built. I had a lot of fun knocking the rust off of my soldier skills. I had not soldiered anything on a board in over 20 years. The kit from (Link) was very easy to build and came with very descriptive directions. A box of some type will be required to house the attenuator. I purchased a conduit box that fit on the PVC from my antenna.

I added an X switch to allow the signal to totally bypass the attenuator when I did not want to use it. When the power is off the crystal on the active attenuator will act like a resistor and may block weaker signals from breaking squelch on our receiver.

I also added some passive attenuation though this is not required. I have 10, 20, and 40 dB passive attenuation that can be used to greatly reduce the strength of an incoming signal.

Charles Schroeder - KC8EBM