Building a 3-Element 2-Meter Tape Measure Antenna

The tape measure 3 element 2 meter Yagi antenna is an inexpensive solution that is easy to build. If you are planning on making more than one I recommend you make yourself a measuring device like I had when I made mine. I used a board with all of the measurements marked out on it to include the center points for the reflector and director elements.

I would also recommend the use of a dremmel or small drill with a disk grinder attachment to start the cuts into the PVC connectors for the reflector and director. Cutting notches into the T and cross PVC connectors allows the tape measure to lay flat.

The most expensive part of the antenna is the hose clamps. I have found that they are only really required for the driven element. I have used electrical tape or self-sealing tape to hold the reflector and director onto the antenna and it has worked fine.

Charles Schroeder - KC8EBM